Don’t Make These Mistakes: Six Surefire Ways To Get Terminated From Your IT Job

At one time or another, everyone has made a mistake or two on the job. Sometimes you get a second chance. Others haven’t been as fortunate. In the IT world a major error could cost you your job–even worse, jeopardize your career.

Here are six fatal IT mistakes that could get you fired on the spot.

The Backup Takes a Backseat. Technology is not flawless. Sometimes systems get a virus or the server gets wiped out. For multi-million dollar companies, this is a nightmare, especially if the backup system hasn’t been maintained. Failure on the IT guy’s part to make the backup system a priority could result in a company losing millions and put him out of work.

I Spy. Having an IT position means you have the ability to see it all–as in all the emails. A surefire way to get terminated is to be caught reading employees emails, especially the ones from upper management like the CEO.

Covering up the Crime. If you’re scrambling to cover up a big mistake, the lies you told may be what gets you fired, not necessarily the mistake. The truth will always come out in the end. Save yourself the stress, come clean, own up to your mistake and hopefully you’ll keep your job.

Pornography. It should go without saying, but needs to be addressed: pornography is a no-no at work. Although there are porn filters, they are virtually useless because IT professionals know how to turn them off. If anyone should be monitored, it should be the IT department because of the access they have.

Testing, Testing. Being prepared means having a plan in place in the event of an unforeseen incident. But when that plan isn’t tested, disaster can strike. Many organizations with disaster-recovery plans fail to adequately test them.

Speaking Up. Employers don’t always want to hear what’s on your mind. Sometimes speaking up to the big boss can get you in trouble. Even if you didn’t say anything wrong, being candid about your concerns regarding the company’s vision could land you out of a job.

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