7 IT Startups That Will Change How Businesses Innovate In 2015


Editor’s note: Mike Kail is CIO and SVP of infrastructure at Yahoo. He sits on the board of ElasticBox and is also an investor in ZenPayroll.

New products and services are released every month that dramatically change how we can develop products and manage our IT shops. Innovation is everywhere; it can be hard to keep up, but that is part of the fun.

To help people get a hold of this rapidly changing landscape, I highlighted seven technologies that will help you innovate faster, beat your competition and deliver outstanding customer service. They each address the common challenges of how businesses operate today, and are setting the stage for a new era of IT.

  1. ElasticBox

ElasticBox offers IT-as-a-service. Its platform enables IT and developer teams to collaborate so they can quickly build, manage and deploy applications to any cloud. ElasticBox eases the friction between the two teams. Generally, IT teams want to…

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